The Thief

Brief: Make people who could benefit from Al-Anon UK Family Groups aware of them, their helpline and the meetings they run.

Insight: When someone you love is an alcoholic it can feel like your life - and theirs - is stolen. This feeds into feelings of isolation that come from not being able to talk to anyone who can understand.

Idea: Long copy posters from the PoV of people who have just found Al-Anon. Expansion of campaign to include direct mail, radio and social media.

Poster campaign:

Placed in locations where people are more likely to be alone and introspective e.g. in public bathroom stalls, changing rooms and while they commute: tube station, train station, bus stops.

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Direct Mail: 

Handwritten postcards from someone who is struggling living with an alcoholic in their life but that has found Al-Anon.


Social Media:

The creation of an Instagram community.

A place to share anonymous true accounts and provide long-distance support. 

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