Side Hustle Ideas (ongoing)

I know that side hustles are big in this business so I've set about thinking of some potential endeavors- some serious and some not. I'll let you be the judge of which is which.

Side Hustle 1: for your ears.

A podcast taking a deep dive into the wondrous world of condiments and their respective histories and uses.

Working title: Condiment Queens.

(This project is actually in the pipeline- release date TBA)

Side Hustle 2: for the aesthetic and Aestheticism.

Philosophical nail varnish range.

We're all having an existential crisis right now and nail varnishes are infamous for fun names and copy- so let's combine.

Suggested shades: Ennui Baby, Descartes Day Dream, Kant Touch This, Simone de Bothered.

Side Hustle 3: for your windowsill.

Plants in old (cute) beer cans (yes this has become a lockdown hobby)

Side Hustle 4: for seasonal cheer.

Halloween and its pumpkin carving needs a summer counterpart. I propose wholesome watermelon carving. Forget 'Spooky Season', it's all about 'Gentle July'.

Side Hustle 5: for your soul.

Campaign to bring back pen pals- god knows we need something nice in lockdown and what's more wholesome than post?

Side Hustle 6: for good times.

Long distance/remote clubbing- had a few thoughts on this one, check out Club Capital if you are so inclined.

Side Hustle 7: for the sake of it.

A business making tiny hats for coins (I've had some practice with this one maybe it's time to monetise- see here)