• Lydia

Well hello there

I’ve not had a blog since I was a teenager so I’m a bit rusty on how to do this (not that I knew then). I tracked them all down before starting this out of curiosity and I’m proud to say they’re not quite as humiliating as I feared! More on that another time. Maybe. I’m Lydia, a 24 year old Creative Advertising MSc student living in Edinburgh. I’m new to this whole “aspiring creative” scene but I guess that’s what I am now. It comes as a fucking massive relief to figure out a potential career path that I actually like. Since graduating 2 years ago with an oh-so-employable English Literature degree I’ve basically been floundering around and stuck in a permanent existential crisis. So it feels pretty damn good to be coming out of that.

"Why does your instagram link to a weird coin page?" I hear you probably not asking. But I'm going to tell you anyway.

I guess HatCoin (catchy right?) is my “origin story” into the advertising world. Basically, post graduating and mid existential crisis, I was working for a shitty small business. Initially, it was great because it was low pressure, the girls I was working with were lovely and I liked it not being a horrid big ol’ corporation. However, our boss was a bad man™ and it got harder and harder to put up with his bullshit. I still had no clue what I wanted to do but about a year and a half into working there I was driven to doing some intense soul searching about what I liked and if there was literally anything I could see myself doing long term. After a conversation with/bollocking from a good friend I realised that all the jobs appealing to me involved marketing in one way or another. So I looked into courses and they all looked horrendous and very expensive. And then I found one on Creative Advertising and it changed everything. It sounded practical, intense, creative, mad and fun. I’d always noticed and commented on ads since I was a kid- so much so that my Mum would joke I should go into advertising. However, I’d never known it was a thing you could actually do. I never knew it was actually a job to come up with a shit tonne of weird ideas and make them. I decided to apply for the course and any doubts I had fell away when I was sent the copy test that was part of the application. It was so weird and freeform that I knew it was what I needed to be doing. The only rule was “there are no wrong answers, only boring ones” so I let out my weird and had a great time. My favourite part was answering the Q “Two one pound coins on a table. How do you convince someone to choose the one on the left?” And this is where HatCoin comes in.

The fated copy test and birth of HatCoin

I had a silly amount of fun coming up with HatCoin and its sheer weirdness is definitely a large part of how I got into the course. I still haven’t had the heart to delete it’s instagram as I feel I owe this strange little coin a lot. Hence it’s honour of a small feature on my website.