• Lydia

Officially a football fan

So something I definitely did not expect to gain from this course was an appreciation of football. That’s right. This gal who would roll her eyes in despair whenever the conversation turned to footie has picked 3 teams to support and even been to a match. AND enjoyed it. I hardly believe it myself. I also can’t believe how a very small interest in and knowledge of football opens so many conversation doors. It’s like another language. A secret club. Suddenly, small talk with men is a doddle. It started for research for a project when I included a football reference on a whim. My teachers liked it- especially the football element and told me to really root it in that. “Oh yeah of course. MORE football. Perfect. I love football and totally know something about it” I spluttered.

So I enlisted the help of my Arsenal supporting boyfriend to explain the offside rule and to help me make a fantasy football team (although to his despair I would only recruit players with funny names). I emailed my Dad (not formal, just the only way we communicate other than postcard) to see if he would go to a Hibs game with me. He agreed but was obviously suspicious. The Hibs Vs Aberdeen game fell on the day after a night out with my pals and so I very groggily met my Dad for some pre-match lunch. We got to the stadium nice and early and I discovered that he had bought us the boujiest seats possible. I imagine partially for his own sake but also out of concern for his daughter’s first football game.

It turns out a football game is an excellent hungover activity. Not too hard to follow, plenty fresh air and a sense of achievement. And junk food if required. I loved the booming music that amped everyone up and watching all the boys run around to warm up. Very satisfying to see while comfortably sat still. I’m sure my enjoyment of the game was helped by the fact Hibs won 3-0 and so the atmosphere was excellent. But genuinely, I’m still so shocked (hence the waffling on) that I really, really enjoyed myself. Sign me up for another. I even want a scarf. So what 3 teams did I pick to support I hear you thousands of readers ask. Hibs as my local team (I live by the stadium), Wolves (not going to lie it has a lot to do with their very nice logo) and Barcelona. I’ve been told these are quite nice and balanced choices. So my picking on a whim turned out pretty well… I was even gifted The Football Bible for Christmas. And as we know: a love of football is not just for Christmas.