Let's Stick Up For Lollipop People

Brief: Create a campaign including a petition to fight for a pay rise for School Crossing Guards.

Insight: They are called Lollipop People both fondly and mockingly.

Idea: Everyone who crosses will be given a lollipop stick with a message about the realities of the job on one side. The other side will have space for them to sign their name and contribute to the petition if posted through the provided box.

A Petition with a Difference.


Every day over 2 working weeks wooden lollipop sticks with a new message will be handed out at crossings, in schools and at all posting points.


The media will serve to engage, educate and let the target audience contribute to the petition there and then.

This means no soggy clipboards or forgettable web links.

Posting boxes in the fluorescent yellow of the school crossing patroller uniform will be stationed by roads, in schools and in community centres. 

box bit.png

Poster: 48 Sheet

stick up banner.jpg

Poster: School Gate Banner

banner on railings.jpg

Poster: Adshel

adshel parking mockup.jpg
adshel responsible mockup.jpg
adshel dress fun mockup.jpg

Social Media: Stop Motion Videos

Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 11.32.25.png

Community Project:


The campaign will involve local communities with the encouragement to get local schools involved with lollipop crafts in art lessons.

Local news and radio coverage will help keep the community in the loop.

KIDS DRAWING cropped.jpg


Actual lollipops can be sold by local businesses and in schools to raise money for the campaign.

Crafts created by schoolchildren can be sold to raise funds and shared to socials to spread the word.